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Achat à l’exposition « 47 » de l’hôtel Claska (Meguro, Tokyo), dimanche 27 avril, vers 14h. L’origine et l’auteur de l’objet seront précisés.
Note 2020 : l’origine de ces masques est Yanagiya à Tottori.



« 47 » 2008.3.29~5.18 The new Claska welcomes you to a landscape, consisted of 47 unique items.
From past to present, objects to people, along with creators’ techniques, Claska brings you a scene of Japan at present-day. To represent the newly created Claska and its concept of ‘Contemporary Japanese’, we have selected objects of Japan, with a refreshed view and approach. Artisan works created and kept with tradition, industrial arts manufactured in factories, and software development, which stems from an idea grand enough for the idea itself to be considered a product; these are all products of Japan, and the people who create such products are also valuable and important products of Japan. This exhibition displays 47 items which represent such evident variation of products in the current Japanese culture.

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