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Vendredi 14 janvier 2010, galerie JGM, 79 rue du Temple, Paris 3e. Deux des pièces de Tony Oursler. La première, sculpture en verre, ampoule électrique, sans cartel, qui peut se rapporter au texte ci-dessous et la deuxième, Million Miles (Orbital Screw), 2007, fibre de verre, projection vidéo.

In the age of spectacle the struggle to assign meaning to the endless procession of images and the technology which presents them the viewer may morally polarize elements of the system. Claims of good and evil have always accompanied the development of any technological innovation. Regardless of the source of spectacle; TV, hollywood, or the internet these mimetic systems can be seen as amplifiers of human drives and as site of psychological projection on the part of the viewer. The personification of fears, as in the appearance of the devil in relation to the evils of technology. Technology can be seen as the fear of the unknown and thus as a mirror of the viewers fear of their own potential. In this installation I trace this human tendency throughout a loose media time line. Early graphic representations of the camera obscure often included depictions of demons, I used these images as a starting point in the popular depiction of the devil. From these simple horned figures, with the help of glass artist Jonathan Christie, I have create transparent hand blown glass devils which act as sculptures as well as lenses for this installation. These glass figures are also mapped into a computer graphics system and animated to be included in the installation. Voir : ici.

Depuis août 2010 et jusqu’au 1er août 2011, l’exposition virtuelle de Tony Oursler, Valley, à l’Adobe Museum of Digital Media. Page d’entrée et espace interactif « Special Interests ». À visiter : ici.

Tony Oursler

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